1800ml / bottle

720ml / bottle

[AKI] autumn
Namazume Genshu
Junmai Namazume, Undiluted

This undiluted version of Denshin Ine (available year-round) is left to mature in brewing tanks over the summer. Doing so smoothes out the sake's flavors, then it is bottled without pasteurization in the autumn when it has rounded out beautifully.

Aki has aromas reminiscent of melon and a soft umami that expands in the mouth alongside juicy sensations. Finally, the dynamic strength of the undiluted sake makes itself felt in the finish.

The powerful volume and rich umami of this undiluted sake makes it perfect for intense dishes with strong flavors, particularly protein-rich meat and fish dishes like braised pork belly, eel, grilled tuna collar, yellowtail teriyaki, charcoal roast beef, and grilled organ meats.
The strength of the sake also allows it to be enjoyed over crushed ice or mixed with soda water.

Category : Junmai Namazume Genshu
Rice : Koshinosizuku
Rice Polishing Ratio : 65%
Alcohol : 18% by vol.

Recommended temperature




Nuru-kanaround 40°C

Jo-kanaround 45°C

Atsu-kanaround 50°C

This product must be kept refrigerated at all times.
Sake is normally pasteurized twice, once before storage and once before bottling, but this Namazume sake is pasteurized only once before storage and bottled and shipped without the second pasteurization. This means it matures and its flavors become heavier faster than a normal sake, so we recommend keeping it refrigerated.