720ml / bottle


This product is recommended for those who have never been interested in Umeshu (Plum sake & plum liqueur) because of its richness. Unlike an ordinary plum liqueur, which often has a heavy taste, Ginkoubai is made with sake and it offers a gentle taste and elegant sweetness. It has a great harmony of sweet and sour flavor.
Plum liqueurs are usually made by soaking plums and sugar into distilled alcohol, and the taste becomes thick and sweet like honey, but rather we use a different method for making Ginkoubai. We first wait for the plums (from Fukui) to be fully ripen to perfection, and then press them slowly to extract pure plum juice with the pressing machine called “SAKAFUNE,” which is normally used for sake making. After that, we carefully blend that extract and our Junmai sake. This technique makes Ginkoubai to attain its lighter flavor and elegant sake undertones.

Category : Plum Sake
Ingredients : Junmai Sake · Plum · Sugar
Alcohol : 12% by vol.