Majesty unique to this place

720ml / bottle


Making premium sake more accessible than ever before.

This daiginjo is brewed with the greatest care from Fukui's own high-quality sake rice Sakahomare, polished down to 30%, and koji made by the labor intensive tray method (futa-koji).

When brewing is complete, the mash is pressed in a traditional fune press.
Bags containing mash are skillfully stacked side by side, and gently pressed from above to separate the liquid from the remaining solids.
The traditional fune press puts the sake under far less pressure than an automatic press. This reduces yield, but in return produces the clearest, most transparent aromas and flavors. Gentle pressing also gives the sake a sublime roundness and soft finish.

Perfect for dinner at the weekend, sharing with friends, or as a gift.
Kotona Egushi was created to make premium sake more accessible and easier to enjoy.

Meaning of the name Kotona Egushi
This brand name is taken from the names of two sake described in the Kojiki, Japan's oldest historical document. It contains a poem composed by the 15th Emperor of Japan, which mentions two sake called Kotonagushi and Egushi.
Kotonagushi means a sake that drives out illness and misfortune to bring universal peace, while Egushi means a sake that delights the heart and brings a smile to the face.

Award-WinningInternational Wine Challenge 
(Silver once)
The Fine Sake Awards Japan 
(Gold once)

Category : Daiginjo
Rice : Sakahomare
Rice Polishing Ratio : 30%
Pressing : Traditional fune press
Aging temperature : -4°C(24.8°F)
Alcohol : 17% by vol.

To enjoy this product at its best
We recommend storing this product refrigerated.
However, its aromas and flavors are subdued when it is still cold immediately after being taken out of the fridge. To enjoy its powerful aromatics and subtle flavors to the full, we recommend pouring the sake into a wine glass, filling it about half full, then wrapping your hands around the bowl of the glass while gently swirling the sake to warm it up a little. Recommended serving temperature: 10-20°C (50-68°F).