Majesty unique to this place

720ml / bottle in a wooden box


Special mouthfeel that fades away as softly as a dream.

This sake makes up a mere 10% of our daiginjo, which we produce lovingly and with the greatest care. Experience the unique characteristics produced by the fukurozuri method, where the liquid sake emerges under the force of gravity alone.

The mash is poured into special 10 liter cotton bags which are then hung from poles, and we collect only the sake that drips out naturally under the force of gravity. This is by far the most delicate and labor intensive method of pressing sake.
No pressure is applied, so only the purest and finest components pass through the cloth. This pressing method produces just 10% of the total yield.

The sake is so light you can barely feel it on your tongue. Soft and supple with a graceful sweetness that vanishes before you realize it, it presents the drinker with an enchanting flavor profile.
This sake allows you to fully experience our special mouthfeel that fades away as softly as a dream.

Meaning of the name DAI ICHI GITAI
Dai Ichi Gitai is one of a Zen concept, meaning ‘ultimate truth’.
The brand name ‘Ippongi’ was derived from this concept.

Category : Daiginjo
Rice : Sakahomare
Rice Polishing Ratio : 30%
Pressing : Fukurozuri
Aging temperature : -4°C(24.8°F)
Alcohol : 17% by vol.

To enjoy this product at its best
We recommend storing this product refrigerated.
However, its aromas and flavors are subdued when it is still cold immediately after being taken out of the fridge. To enjoy its powerful aromatics and subtle flavors to the full, we recommend pouring the sake into a wine glass, filling it about half full, then wrapping your hands around the bowl of the glass while gently swirling the sake to warm it up a little. Recommended serving temperature: 10-20°C (50-68°F).