Tales of sake

The more you know about sake, 
the more you can enjoy it.
Watch the video below 
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growing sake rice.

Breeding ‘Sakahomare’

Asako Kobayashi

Lead Researcher, PhD (Agriculture)
Cultivar Research and Development, Fukui Prefecture Agricultural Experiment Station

Surpassing ‘Yamadanishiki’,
the king of sake rice.

Dr. Kobayashi is a rice breeder who focuses on improving and developing high quality rice varieties. Her outstanding skills were honed by breeding of many of Fukui's famous table rice brands, including ‘Ichihomare’. However, breeding a sake rice was a first both for Dr Kobayashi and the Agricultural Experiment Station. She spoke to us about the 8 years spent developing Fukui's own high-quality sake rice, ‘Sakahomare.’